Since ancient times, men have sat in council, committed to speaking from the heart, listening with the heart and being present with what is in the circle. In Council we use what is called a “talking or silence stick”, a practice which helps anchor our commitment & honor the relationship between Deep Listening and Finding Our Voice. Sometimes silence offers all of us a chance to listen to the voice deep within us to access what is most meaningful and relevant here and now.

What to expect at a council meeting:  Basically, we show up, we pay attention to what holds heart and meaning, we speak honestly to what is arising for us in the moment and we remain open to what is present in the circle.

Our intention is to create a circle that is safe for every man to be as present as he can be, to honor the essence of each man’s spirit and to nurture his journey toward authenticity and empowerment. We encourage all members to do their own work, whether that be learning how to be part of a community, to get to know themselves, or to redefine how they want to show up in the world. We rely on our desire for personal growth to give us courage.