A mentor has valuable life experience, knows how to apply it, and share it and

Models integrity, principles-centered vs. personality-driven, can admit their mistakes;

Someone with whom we can practice being in an honest relationship;

Practices anonymity, respects confidentially- a trusted, close-mouthed friend;

Accountability partner- helps us see when we are acting out of alignment with what we say we want for ourselves;

Willing to tell us the truth as they perceive it, with compassion, shares vs. lectures;

Offers a stable, consistent presence in our life;

Someone who is doing their own work and has a mentor themselves;

Capable of meeting us at our individual point of need vs. cookie cutter approach;

Comes from spirit, not ego; is a leader, not a tyrant- attraction vs. promotion;

Serves as an ally – looks for good in us, champions our strengths;

Can link us to useful resources, ask useful questions; make requests vs. demands;

Bows to the freedom we all have to explore, fail, try again and learn;

Can lovingly hold a space, a mirror for us to see our shadow and own our shadow;

Helps us define and make contact with Source(s) that can guide and heal us;

A loving witness to our journey, progress, challenges and triumphs!