Our History

Since 1990, Wide Sky Men’s Council has provided a sacred place where men can remove their swords and armor and be safe. Within this sphere, men can simply BE, shoulder to shoulder, face to face. Throughout the years, hundreds of men have healed themselves of ancient wounds by turning inward to see the darkness and the light within, then turning outward to bring our healing power to the world. …

Our Philosophy

Here we discover what true masculinity is and isn’t and how to embody it in our daily lives. It is about feeling the fire in our belly, stepping into our power as men in a good way that serves us individually and enhances our community. Here we uncover the gold hidden deep within us: our creative drive & other gifts that we’re meant to share with the rest of the world. It is about co-creating a meaningful life at a pace that is in harmony with our spirit.

Our Council

Once per month, councils are held are selected locations where each attending man in truth speaks truthfully from the heart, and where we each listen from the heart with deep attention and a willingness. We sit in circle together from diverse backgrounds as peers, open to what might be possible without competition, meeting men without title, rank, or constituency. Age 15+.