About Wide Sky Men’s Council

Our Mission:
Wide Sky Men’s Council is a community where individual men are acknowledged, listened to, empowered and most of all, appreciated.

Together we create a safe container, guarded by healthy masculinity, honor, integrity and compassion where men can put down their swords and armor, and simply be, shoulder to shoulder, face to face.

What is Council?

Council is a profound forum where each, in turn, speaks truthfully from the heart, and where we each listen from the heart with deep attention and a willingness to relate.

We sit in circle together, as peers, open to what might be possible without competition, meeting as men without title, rank or constituency.

Coming together in council has been practiced globally for centuries by diverse peoples and cultures.

What to do at Wide Sky Council gatherings:

 You arrive confident that each man is capable of sharing from an open heart.

You trust the circle is strong enough to hold whatever powerful energies arise moment to moment.

You speak leanly, meaning you get to the essence of what has deep meaning.

You speak spontaneously; trusting when it is your turn to speak, what needs to come forth will do so.

Your story, your wisdom harvested from life experience is valued and urgently requested.

You are honest and make “I” statements.

Your grief, despair, ignorance, fear, anger, joy and curiosity are welcome.

You are open to be enlightened and transformed by others.

You remember that all of the above are intentions we set out to practice, and carry compassion for ourselves and others when we are unskillful.

You notice that when a circle of men sit in council, an energy and level of consciousness becomes available to all present that does not seem available when we are alone.

We’ve been preparing over 20 years for your arrival. Please join us at the next meeting. Contact us with any questions.