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My soul cried out for a place of spaciousness
Uncontaminated by duty or urgency;
A place visited by mid-wives of the unexpected…
A land worthy of fallowness
Where even my oldest tears
Feel welcome.
In a forest safe from progress,
Earth untrammeled by hollow pursuits,
Each clean breath a balm for stubborn wounds;
A climate eager to nurse uncertainties;
An ever-present witness to the mysterious heartbeat
Of our belonging.

-  From "Why I Came"    
Steve McCord


Since 1990, the Wide Sky Men’s Council has provided a sacred circle, a space within which men are safe to put down their swords and armor. Within this container, men can simply Be, shoulder to shoulder, face to face.

In this space, hundreds of men have healed themselves of ancient wounds-turning inward to see the darkness and the light within, then turning outward to bring our healing power to the world.

Now more than ever, many men need a safe circle of brothers to simply be; be seen and be heard.

We would like to invite you to our next gathering of the Wide Sky Men's Council. Our meetings are fashioned after the "Mythopoetic" realm of which Robert Bly and Michael Meade speak. These types of rituals and gatherings have been going on since the beginnings of time. We use sacred space as a container wherein Men can be awakened to their masculine power. Combined with free style drumming, this format accords a celebration of our gender within a unique environment. Expect to see lots of spontaneity, laughter, and raw energy. We are located in Southern California.

Meeting places vary, so check schedule below or contact us for next meeting.

We have drums and percussion instruments and you are welcome to bring your own.

Bring a friend, or your brother, father or son (age 12+).

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The Wide Sky Men’s Council

meets every other month on Saturdays

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